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12 July 2023

The Cut Back Economy: A Widening Crisis - UK Retail Panel Discussion

Watch our panel discussion concerning the findings to our research on "The Cut Back Economy 2023: A Widening Crisis" - our latest...

12 July 2023

The Cut Back Economy 2023: A Widening Crisis

Find out about consumer cut back behavioural intentions for the UK retail industry as we move further into the cost of living...

07 June 2023

Retail Economics at the IRX & eDX 2023

Retail Economics partnered with GFS to conduct rigorous industry research to explore the issue of online basket abandonment. The research quantifies the...

07 June 2023

Online vs. In-Store - UK Omnichannel Retail

We surveyed 2,000+ UK households to better understand what shopping channels consumers are spending in - online or in-store? We distilled...

03 May 2023

Retail Economics at the Retail Technology Show 2023

This is a very short highlight reel showing aspects of the launch campaign at the Retail Technology...

19 April 2023

Outlook for UK Retail & Leisure 2023 - 5 Trends

This short video explores 5 key retail trends from our report 'Retail and Leisure Outlook Report 2023'. The retail landscape is...

06 March 2023

5 Online Retail Delivery Trends for 2023

This short video explores the 5 key delivery trends for 2023, from our report 'Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark Report 2023', developed in partnership...

02 March 2023

40 Future Retail Trends to 2030

This short video explores 8 of the 40 future retail trends to 2030 from our report '40 Retail Trends to 2030'....

05 January 2023

How much has Christmas dinner increased in 2022?

This short video looks at the impact of inflation on the cost of an average turkey Christmas dinner in the UK in 2022....

12 August 2022

The Cut Back Economy

This video discuses some key themes that are explored in our thought leadership report entitled 'The Cut Back Economy: Assessing the impact of...

20 May 2022

The UK Cost of Living Crisis Webinar

Watch our webinar on the UK Cost of Living Crisis. Topics covers: Rising inflation, pinpointing cost pressures, impact of rising costs on...

07 April 2022

Why take out a free membership trial with Retail Economics?

Taking out a free 30 day membership trial is a unique opportunity for you to get a taste of what it...

17 February 2022

How will the metaverse impact the retail industry?

This video explores how the metaverse could impact the retail industry and applies the concept at a general level. Watch Richard Lim,...

01 February 2022

What business impressed you in 2021?

In this video, Richard Lim, CEO Retail Economics discusses his choice - Gymshark. Gymshark is a UK-based sports, fitness apparel and...

31 January 2022

Top 5 Retail Trends in 2022

Learn about our top 5 retail trends for 2022. As the industry continues to be remoulded by disruptive factors,...

31 January 2022

Who will be a retail winner in 2022

Which retailer or brand would you pick as a prospective 'retail winner' for 2022? Find out why Richard Lim, CEO Retail Economics...

31 January 2022

Assessing Online Retail Profitability

This video looks at assessing online retail profitability and shifts in industry thinking behind evaluating physical stores in the context of more holistic customer...

31 January 2022

Challenges for the electricals category in 2022

Discover the challenges facing retailers and brands operating in the UK electricals sector for 2022. Listen to Richard Lim, CEO Retail...

19 January 2022

UK Inflation hits 30-year high

UK inflation has hit a 30-year high as of January 2022. It rose by 5.4% YoY in December 2021, from 5.1% in...

19 November 2021

Retail Outlook - Distress for Christmas 2021 & Beyond

This retail outlook presentation was delivered at our live webinar event and was given by Richard Lim, CEO,...

17 May 2021

3 Reasons why Brands are going Direct-to-Consumer

Find out why brands like Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Dyson and others are going Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) in the world of retail. Here are our three key...

17 May 2021

3 Biggest Implications for Retail Business Models from Covid-19

Discover three of the biggest implications for retail business models from Covid-19. The crisis has put many retail business models to the test and the...

17 May 2021

10 Facts about the UK Takeaway Market

Discover our top 10 facts about the UK Takeaway Sector. Unsurprisingly, UK households spent £15bn on takeaways in 2020, contributing a significant proportion to the UK retail...

21 April 2021

3 Stages of Covid-19 & the UK Retail Industry

Three distinct stages have emerged as the impact of Covid-19 swept through the UK retail industry. Stage 1 is "Survival" where retailers implemented strategies to...

21 April 2021

10 Ways Covid-19 has reshaped uk retail

One year into the crisis and the lasting effects of Covid-19 have impacted the UK retail industry beyond return in many instances. Watch Richard Lim,...

17 March 2021

How big is Amazon compared to other UK retailers?

How big is Amazon compared to other UK retailers in 2021 using market value as a metric? 

Amazon's market cap has risen to c.£1.2 trillion,...

09 March 2021

Outlook for UK Retail 2021: Top 3 Trends

Watch our Top 3 Retail Trends for 2021 presented by Richard Lim, CEO Retail Economics. These insights are part of a wider piece of research...

09 February 2021

Who are Retail Economics?

Retail Economics is an independent economics research consultancy focused on the UK consumer and retail industry. We analyse the complex retail economic landscape and draw...

26 January 2021

10 Retail trends in 2021

Watch our 10 Retail Trends in 2021 presented in a 'quick-fire' fashion by Richard Lim, CEO of Retail Economics.

The world of retail is moving...

24 November 2020

Sustainability and the Future of Retail Supply Chains

Richard Lim, CEO of Retail Economics discusses the impact of sustainability and its principles on retail supply chains as the retail industry undergoes a period...

15 September 2020

Impact of Covid-19 on UK retail and the shift towards online

Covid-19 has effectively accelerated the shift towards online retailing at a blistering pace. Many UK retailers and brands are struggling to keep up with the...

16 July 2020

Online UK Retail in 2020 and the Impact of Covid-19

Richard Lim, CEO of Retail Economics discusses the evolution of the online channel in the UK and the impact of Covid-19. There is a seismic...

23 December 2019

Do retail brands need to take a side? Industry Experts Panel - Hitwise Summer Summit 2019

Retail industry experts discuss the topic of whether brands nowadays need to adopt a political and ethical view on various issues in order to remain...

23 December 2019

Biggest Challenge for Online Retailers? Richard Lim, Hitwise Summer Summit 2019

Richard responds to the question highlighting the fact that the pace of change for retailers is essentially the biggest challenge for online retailers in 2019.

23 December 2019

Outlook for UK Retail 2019, Richard Lim, full presentation at the Hitwise Summer Summit 2019

Full presentation from Richard Lim, CEO Retail Economics speaking at the Hitwise Summer Summit 2019 on the outlook for UK Retail in 2019. Richard also...

20 December 2019

Outlook for UK Retail 2019, Richard Lim highlights at the Hitwise Summer Summit 2019

Highlights from Richard Lim, CEO Retail Economics speaking at the Hitwise Summer Summit 2019.


19 December 2019

UK Retail 2020: The Big Picture, Richard Lim, highlights

Speaking at the 'Insight with Passion 2019 breakfast conference' in London with Kate Hardcastle and Andrew Busby, Richard Lim discusses what he sees as the...

19 December 2019

UK Retail 2020: The Big Picture, Panel Discussion

Kate Hardcastle MBE (Co-founder, Insight with Passion), Andrew Busby (CEO, Retail Reflections) and Richard Lim (CEO, Retail Economics) conduct a fireside chat, discussing the state...

18 December 2019

UK Retail 2020: The Big Picture

Discussion on the key issues for UK retail as we head towards 2020. Kate Hardcastle (Founding Partner, Insight with Passion), Andrew Busby (CEO, Retail Reflections) and...

24 October 2019

Outlook for UK Retail 2019

Richard Lim, CEO of Retail Economics discusses the 'Outlook for UK Retail 2019' and the challenges facing the retail sector. Topics covered include the ongoing channel...

24 October 2019

Economic Outlook, Brexit & Retail 2019

Richard Lim, CEO of Retail Economics discusses the 'Economic Outlook for UK Retail in 2019' from a macroeconomic perspective. Topics covered... The macroeconomic environment: GDP...

24 October 2019

Retail Property: Impact of Structural Change in 2019

Richard Lim, CEO of Retail Economics discusses 'Retail Property' and the associated impacts from structural change unfolding within the industry in 2019. "The impact of...

25 October 2019

The Retail Experience Economy

Richard Lim, CEO, Retail Economics discusses the rising importance of the experience economy and its impact on the retail industry as we rapidly move towards...

26 October 2019

Consumer Debt and Retail

The overall health of the retail economy is intrinsically linked to consumer debt. Were you aware that consumer debt in the UK essentially comprises mortgages...

24 October 2019

The New Retail Customer Journey

The retail customer journey is forever evolving. However, a new type of customer journey is starting to take form and is rapidly heading our way....

24 October 2019

Evolving Retail Business Models

The retail industry is evolving at a blistering pace. Many brands and retailers are struggling to pivot their business models fast enough in order to...