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About Retail Economics

Providers of retail intelligence to help transition into a changing world

Who we are

Retail Economics is an independent economics research consultancy focused on the UK consumer and retail industry.

We analyse the complex retail economic landscape and draw out actionable insight for our clients. Leveraging our own proprietary retail data and applying rigorous economic analysis, we transform information into points of action.
Our subscription service provides unbiased research and analysis on the key economic and social drivers behind the UK retail sector, helping to inform critical business decisions and giving you a competitive edge through deeper insights.

Our philosophy

At Retail Economics we live and breathe consumer and retail. We are deeply passionate about providing thought-provoking and unique insights that cut through the complexity. We are dedicated to providing unbiased views to our clients and will always be completely independent. Our high profile media presence demonstrates that our trusted opinions shape debates externally and inform strategic decisions for our clients. We never shy away from challenging the status quo, standing by our progressive evidence-backed analysis that draw strong and clear conclusions based on sound and accurate judgements of the industry.

Our approach

Our approach is simple and is built on three core pillars:

1. Insight

Our retail insights help you understand the key economic drivers behind UK retail and consumer sectors and help give you a competitive edge through deeper insights of the retail industry by category, channel and region.

2. Data

We provide proprietary data on market sizes, market shares and forecasts enabling you to deepen your understanding of the industry and the future outlook. Our services save you valuable time by accessing all the need-to-know retail data in one place with quick and easy downloadable time series data.

3. Consultancy

Our consultancy services provide you with world class research and analysis using industry standard methodology to ensure quality and value. Concerning thought leadership, we offer a complete end-to-end service from idea generation to campaign success. We also offer data visualisation tools to help you compare and benchmark key metrics vital for your business, transforming information into actionable insights.

“We're like an extension of your insight team, helping you to identify and strengthen investment cases to save you time and money.”

Who are Retail Economics?

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Our senior management

Richard Lim

Richard previously headed up the ‘Retail Insight and Analytics’ team at the British Retail Consortium. Before that, he worked in mergers and acquisitions for Citi Group. He has a wealth of experience in data analytics, consumer research and macroeconomics, and is skilled in generating actionable insights for clients. Richard is based in London and has a keen interest in Behavioural Game Theory.

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Stephen Robertson

In addition to his role of Chairman at Retail Economics, Stephen is also non-executive director of Timpson Group (privately held services retailer), Hargreaves Lansdown plc (FTSE 100 consumer financial services) and Clipper Retail Logistics plc. Stephen is Visiting Professor to Bristol Business School, University West of England. He spent seven years as Marketing Director at B&Q before leading the acquisition of Screwfix Direct which he then chaired through a period of strong growth.

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Stuart Parkinson
Chief Economist

Stuart is the Chief Economist at Retail Economics following an extensive career in the financial sector (ex-Chief Operating Officer for Research at Deutsche Bank representing research on committees including the Global Markets European Management, Global Equities Management and Chief Operating Officers Executive Committee). He has a deep passion for economics and has conducted complex data analysis and research to identify methods to achieve cost savings in business and everyday life. Stuart is in the process of writing two books, the first on US Federal Reserve policy, and the second on utilising economic theory to help people rationalise their spending decisions.

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Josh Holmes
Senior Consultant

Josh has over a decade of experience in market research, financial services, and commercial real estate, bringing a unique blend of expertise and creativity to his role. Prior to joining Retail Economics, he held prominent roles at BNP Paribas and the Fitch Group, leading consumer research, publications, and forecasting. Josh’s ability to assess retailer performance and connect macro trends with consumer behaviour make him a sought-after commentator in media outlets like FT, Bloomberg, The Times, and Retail Week. Outside of work, he enjoys countryside living and supporting Man United, reminding him of the need for constant evolution even for successful brands.

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Nicholas Found
Senior Consultant

Nicholas works as a senior consultant at Retail Economics, managing and directing proprietary research and media direction for clients. Nicholas has gained specialism in both retailer and consumer insights from a background in research and publishing, underlined by a First-Class Honours degree in Economics. He previously worked for a retail marketing consultancy specialising in shopper insights, before heading content at Retail Week Prospect, focusing on retailer strategies and content development.

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Yaamir Badhe

Yaamir joined Retail Economics as a summer intern in 2021 at the end of his penultimate year at university before accepting an offer to return as an analyst in October 2022. Yaamir has worked on a range of projects spanning both the subscription and consultancy services offered by Retail Economics. He has cultivated a keen interest in sustainability and digital transformation in the retail industry, while also being proficient at sector analysis, specialising in household goods and home improvements. Before joining Retail Economics, Yaamir studied Classics, which afforded him strong communication and analytical skills, while also remaining his passion outside of work.

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Our Services

Retail Economics offers a range of services spanning several workspace domains, we offer:

  • Subscription Service
  • Thought Leadership research
  • Economic modelling
  • Advisory & Business planning
  • International Trade Service
  • Data & Benchmarking
  • Media, PR & Comms
  • Events & Webinar support

Who we work with

Industry sectors who use our trusted retail insights



If you’re a retailer or work closely with retail services, we can help you:

  • Improve your decision making using our proprietary data, analysis and forecasts
  • Benchmark your retail sales performance using our extensive range of data sources
  • Get a competitive advantage from using our concise, timely and succinct retail insights
Typical products and services used by our clients in the retail sector include:


If you work in the financial services sector, we can help you:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of retail market trends, behavioural shifts and structural changes
  • Quantify market size of key sectors, market share of major players and assess retailer intelligence
  • Form a robust view of the future based on accurate macroeconomic and retail forecasts
Typical products and services used by our clients in the financial sector include:


If you operate in the retail property sector, we can help you:

  • Decipher key consumer trends to understand the implications on the UK retail property market
  • Quantify the impact of digital influences on the customer journey for key decision making
  • Enhance your effectiveness in client meetings, for key pitches or internal strategies
Typical products and services used by our clients in the property sector include:


If you work in media, we can help you:

  • Better understand your client’s needs and help you secure new business with our insights
  • Prepare for upcoming events, meetings and sales pitches using our trusted data summaries
  • Excel when communicating with clients by improving your understanding of their workspace
Typical products and services used by our clients in the media sector include:


If you provide solutions or services for the retail industry, we can help you:

  • Get ahead by identifying market opportunities from our proprietary data and analysis
  • Integrate actionable insights into your business from our reports and insights
  • Gain the required retail knowledge you need for upcoming events, meetings and sales pitches
Typical products and services used by our clients providing retail solutions:

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About our reports

Our insight reports analyse and simplify a wide range of data sources to save you time and resources.

We combine a range of proprietary data and consumer survey findings to give you a competitive advantage in these challenging times. Our trusted thought leadership research identifies key industry trends to give you rich insights to better inform your planning strategy. Learn more about how our reports can help ensure your success…

Some of our latest work

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Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark Report 2024

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