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The Retail Economics - Cost of Living Tracker

Tracking inflation, earnings growth, discretionary income & more…

What is the Cost of Living Tracker?

The Retail Economics Cost of Living Tracker is a monthly report which measures the impact of earnings growth and inflation on discretionary income across the least affluent, middle income and most affluent households in the UK.


UK Cost of Living Tracker Report - Retail Economics


What does it track?

The Cost of Living Tracker time series data measures key metrics including:

1. Inflation rate by household income group

2. Earnings growth by household income group

3. Change in discretionary income by household income group

These key metrics demonstrate the impact of rising everyday costs on monthly outgoings which impacts non-essential spending and consumer behaviour as personal finances come under pressure.


What are the key benefits?

Insights from the Retail Economics Cost of Living Tracker can:

1. Give you a better understanding of the uneven impacts of the crisis

2. Improve your planning, sales strategies and their efficiancy

3. Save you time and resources in datamining

4. Provide you with key stats for presentations, board packs & sales pitches lead to more informed and fruitful conversations


Retail Economics Cost of Living Tracker 1


Retail Economics Cost of Living Tracker 2



Retail Economics Cost of Living Tracker 3


Retail Economics Cost of Living Tracker Report 2022


How is the cost of living crisis impacting the cost of a typical turkey christmas dinner?

Watch our short video which highlights the impact of rising inflation on the cost of components of a typical christmas dinner in 2022. 



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How can I access the report?

There are 3 ways to access the report: 

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How does the Tracker provide powerful insights?

The Retail Economics Cost of Living Tracker contextualises monthly wage growth and inflation data by modelling household budgets and deducting staple and work-related expenses from disposable income to evaluate changes in purchasing power over time.

Our proprietary data enables us to delve deeply behind commonly reported headline data from official sources, by splitting inflation and earnings statistics by household affluence group based on income quintiles. This enables us to analyse, capture and accurately report on the impacts.

We do this by tracking monthly prices using a dynamic basket of goods to reflect evolving consumption habits by income quintile to give an inflation rate by household affluence. We also use Retail Economics data on the composition of jobs by income group to weight monthly earnings from official statistics.


Why the Tracker insights are important?

The insights are important to better understand the uneven impact of the cost of living crisis in the UK, particularly on consumer behaviour.

Due to the inflationary environment this year, we will likely see more recessionary behaviours being adopted – bargain hunting online, trading down to own brand labels and shopping around more for high street deals.

With a deeper understanding of the drivers, motivations and timings underpinning these behavioural shifts, more informed and effective strategies can be developed to tackle industry challenges.


The Cost of Living Tracker in context

With inflation forecast to rise steeply over 2023, the cost of living crisis in the UK is disproportionately impacting household spending power, especially for low income households. Poor households spend approximately two thirds of their income on staples such as food, energy bills and communication, compared to less than half for the most affluent.

This often results in increased stress and anxiety from unpaid credit card debt, mortgage repayments, loans and unexpected costs. Rising living expenses and essential bills are causing squeezed incomes amid the soaring energy price cap, rising interest rates, food inflation, higher taxes and National Insurance Contribution (NIC) changes. Also, the government’s ‘levelling up’ intentions are being undermined as rising essential expenditure erodes personal finances, widening inequality.

While middle and high income households are more resilient, the financial goals of poorer households will be tough to meet from higher levels of credit card debt and loan repayments amid spiralling prices.

Such price pressure risks a poverty trap and ultimately an economic shock, which the Cost of Living Tracker quantifies by comparing changes in discretionary income across different UK households, as well as over time through annual comparisons.


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