UK Retail Stats & Facts

Here are our 10 key stats and facts about the UK retail sector. Subscribers have access to additional stats and facts through the Retail Economics Help Desk.

1 Total value of UK retail sales in 2017 £366 Billion
2 People employed in UK retail in 2017 2.9 million
3 Proportion of consumer spending that goes through retail 1/3
4 Proportion of retail sales made online in 2017 16%
5 Growth in UK retail sales in 2017 4.3%
6 Total number of VAT-registered retailers in the UK 196,800
7 Total number of retail outlets in the UK 294,280
8 Amount retail generates of total GDP (GVA) 5%
9 Average annual growth of online retail sales in 2017 16%

Source: ONS, Eurostat, Retail Economics

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