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Our Services

Providers of world class retail data, insights and analysis

We provide a range of world class services to many industries

Our approach

Providing you with data and powerful retail insights, when you need them.

We are deeply passionate about providing thought-provoking and unique insights that cut through the complexity and are dedicated to providing unbiased views to our clients and will always be completely independent. We are a trusted data and retail insight provider to companies, government departments and agencies assisting with their strategies and business planning.

“The retail industry is clearly undergoing an intense period of structural change and Covid-19 is disrupting and exacerbating the pace of transition. In these times, key insights and data-driven decisions are likely to determine failure or success for many companies.”

Richard Lim , CEO Retail Economics

By supplying organisations with robust retail intelligence, we help them pivot their business models to become more efficient, customer-centric and scalable which allows them to capitalise on industry trends.

The ‘winners’ in this retail shake-up will be those who can quickly transform key insights into real action that results in sustained profitability and growth. Our insights feed into this process which allows our clients to make faster and more informed decisions – keeping them ahead of the competition.

Our core services include:

  • Subscriptions
  • COVID-19 Response
  • Thought Leadership
  • Economic Modelling
  • Advisory & Business Planning
  • International Trade
  • Data & Benchmarking

Our economists and analysts have expertise in:

  • Forecasting
  • Statistical analysis
  • Qualitative & quantitative analysis
  • Surveys and other data sourcing
  • Risk analysis
  • Econometrics
  • Various types of modelling
  • Scenario planning
  • Report writing and infographic creation

Whether you are looking to boost your profile, better prepare yourself strategically for the future, or need specific consultancy work, contact us now to discuss any projects you have in mind.

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Membership Service

Offers a complete retail intelligence solution for your business, providing you with deep insights into consumer behaviour and industry trends

  • Access to up to 14 reports each month with access to underlying data
  • Watch unique content in our video library
  • Get a direct line to our economists using our Retail Economics Help Desk

Start exploring the insights and benefits of becoming a subscriber now…

Retail Economics Subscription Service


Retail Economics Thought Leadership Service

Thought Leadership Service

Offers a complete end-to-end package. We create unique insights into industry trends, delivering maximum media traction and exposure.

  • Access industry experts to generate thought provoking research ideas
  • Generate proprietary data that adds genuine value to the industry
  • Leverage our media network to activate campaigns and land key messages

There are good reasons why you should be conducting thought leadership research…


Economic modelling

Use our expertise to create credible and informative research using robust econometric modelling, forecasting and market sizing.

  • Understand your target market by assessing market size and key players
  • Gain insights into customer segmentations using consumer panel data
  • Model the impact of key regulatory changes and economic shocks to evaluate their impact

If you’d like more information on our economic modelling services, please contact us for more details…

Retail Economics Economic Modelling


Retail Economics Advisory & Business Planning

Advisory & Business Planning

Leverage our industry expertise, insights and proprietary data to create data-driven strategies

  • Formulate evidence-based strategic planning
  • Assess risks and opportunities by understanding underlying market dynamics
  • Access expert industry knowledge to inform your decisions

If you’d like more information on our advisory and business planning services, please contact us for more details…


International Trade Service

Understand the fast-paced international trade environment and the ongoing impact of Brexit

  • Assess the implications of Brexit on your business and the economy
  • Understand the changing international trade dynamic to keep ahead of the curve
  • Be ready for changes in regulation and rising geo-political tensions

If you’d like more information on our international trade service, please contact us for more details…

Retail Economics International Trade Service


Retail Economics Data & Benchmarking

Data & Benchmarking

Put data at the heart of your business to drive informed decisions

  • Leverage retail intelligence on market size, market share and forecasts
  • Benchmark retail sales performance across sectors and channels
  • Rank retailer performances and assess market vulnerabilities

If you’d like more information on our data and benchmarking service, please contact us for more details…


PR, Media & Comms

Gain insight into consumer trends, retailer strategies and market movements to develop sophisticated comms strategies for your clients

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of consumer and market trends
  • Develop a data-driven approach using robust data and insights
  • Access expert industry knowledge to supercharge your proposition

If you’d like more information on our PR, media and comms services, please contact us for more details…

Retail Economics PR, Media & Comms


Retail Economics Events & Webinar Support

Events & Webinar Support

Get our support to host your online events and webinars to help raise your profile

  • Get the technical webinar planning and support you need to make the impact you really want.
  • Secure an opportunity to hear our thought provoking views and opinions at your online events, seminars or board meetings.
  • Get the personal touch and interact ‘face-to-face’ with Retail Economics personnel — Richard Lim (CEO) & Stephen Robertson (Chairman) being in popular demand.

If you’d like more information on our events and webinar support services, please contact us for more details…


COVID-19 Service

Retail insight on the impact of COVID-19 within the retail & leisure sector

  • Our Covid-19 impact assessment reports give you a comprehensive understanding of the key trends and issues within the retail industry.
  • Our clients and subscribers integrate key findings and insights from our proprietary research into their COVID-19 response strategies which enables them to make more informed and timely decisions.

If you’d like more information on our PR, media and comms services, please contact us for more details…

Retail Economics Covid-19 Service


Industries we work with

If you work in the retail sector…


Improve your decision making using our proprietary data, analysis and forecasts


Benchmark UK retail sales performance using our official data source summaries


Get a competitive advantage from our concise, timely and succinct retail insights

If you work in the financial sector…


Gain a comprehensive understanding of market trends, behavioural shifts and structural changes


Quantify market size of key sectors, market share of major players and assess retailer intelligence


Form a robust view of the future based on accurate macroeconomic and retail forecasts

If you work in the property sector…


Decipher key consumer trends to understand the implications on the UK retail property market


Quantify the impact of digital influences on the customer journey for key decision making


Use our Help Desk function to support you with client meetings, key pitches or internal strategy

If you work in the media sector…


Better understand your client’s needs and secure more business using our insights


Prepare for upcoming events, meetings and sales pitches using our retail data summaries


Excel when communicating with clients by improving your understanding of their workspace

If you work in the retail solutions sector…


Get ahead by identifying market opportunities from our proprietary data and analysis


Integrate actionable insights into your business from our timely publications


Secure your retail knowledge for upcoming events, meetings and sales pitches