Consultancy Services

Retail Economics provides a range of consultancy services to help businesses identify, interpret and integrate rigorous economic analysis into their decision making.

• Identify
We help identify the critical economic indicators which impact your business, customers and future strategies.

• Interpret
We use rigorous economic analysis to interpret relevant and timely data and draw out deeper insights specific to your industry and business.

• Integrate
We automate data mining processes, build bespoke dashboards and provide underlying data to help businesses integrate the need-to-know economic data into their decision making processes.

Our research is provided in a variety of different forms from bespoke projects, which can help you better understand your core market and highlight potential growth opportunities, to automating data mining and reporting processes thereby freeing up your time to drive your business forward. Our flexible way of working allows clients to select the approach which suits their needs and budgets.

For example, we have conducted economic analysis on what the potential impact of Brexit means for specific industries and businesses. Although there is still considerable uncertainty, we know that the collapse in sterling will push up the cost of imports and this will feed through to consumer prices. We have conducted research to estimate which parts of the consumer basket are most prone to higher rates of inflation over the coming months, to what extent this will erode disposable incomes by household income decile, which parts of the country may be disproportionately affected and interpret what this could mean for the spending power for your core customer base and future prospects for demand.

We can also work alongside you to create bespoke reporting tools which are relied on by executive teams and help share intelligence across your business.

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