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Retail Market Data Sales Forecasts

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Use our retail market intelligence & forecasts to...

Make more informed decisions

Create better data-driven strategies

Impress clients & win new business

 Get a competitive advantage

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Sector Growth Forecasts

We produce retail growth forecasts for all the major retail sectors

Retail Sector Sales Growth Forecasts

Use our sector growth forecasts to...

Gain visibility over future market trends

Place robust data at the heart of financial planning

Understand market opportunities



Online Penetration Forecasts

Better understand the dynamics of the online channel with our forecasts

Online retail sales penetration rate economics

Use our online penetration forecasts to...

Gauge Covid-19 impacts on the digital channel

Quickly assess online market dynamics

Understand impacts of the shift towards digital



Macroeconomic Forecasts

Deeply understand the key drivers behind retail & consumer 

Macroeconomic forecasts retail economics

Use our macroeconomic forecasts to...

Contextualise macroeconomic forces

Place together important underlying factors

Project market performance in key areas


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