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The Weil European Distress Index - Weil & Retail Economics

Thought Leadership Case Study

The Client - 

Weil is a global leader in restructuring, known for pioneering innovative practices in the field for over 50 years. The firm continues to shape industry standards by providing creative and practical solutions for clients.



The Challenge -

1) Make Weil synonymous with a valuable industry index that measures financial distress across core industry groups across Europe, based on robust economic modelling as white labelled research.



The Solution -

Thought leadership content marketing campign

- Quarterly report (Award shortlisted)

- Launch campaign support

- Press coverage



Why the Project Worked -

- Valuable industry insight

- Multi-sector coverage

- Use of complex statistical techniques

- Incorporates big data



Achievement -

- Project shortlisted by the Financial Times for the Innovative Lawyers Europe Award in 2022



A Few Examples of the Media Coverage for this report- 

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Things to do now...

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