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Consumer trends in the UK Takeaway Sector

Full report: The Contribution of the Takeaway Market to the UK Economy

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The role of technology in the Takeaway sector 

Technology has been central to this explosion of culinary exploration. New and innovative routes to market for small, independent takeaway restaurants has allowed them to put food on more tables, with almost 35,000 takeaways and restaurants embracing expanding capabilities and using online apps.

“Technology has been central to this explosion of culinary exploration”

Consumer trends in the Takeaway sector 

The takeaway sector has responded with speed to the shift in consumer demand for vegan, vegetarian and healthy options. Over 90% of takeaway restaurants offer vegetarian options with more than half also catering for gluten free, dairy free and vegan customers. In addition, more than three quarters offer dishes such as salad or fruit, 73% offer a choice on portion sizes and 50% of takeaway restaurants in the UK now offer low-salt options.

Our research findings also show that over a third of takeaway restaurants provide calorie and nutritional information. However, the cost and difficulty of calculating calories is cited as a major barrier to providing further information. Calculating calories can result in a substantial cost for businesses, many of which do not have the levels of infrastructure or regular income needed to implement full-scale calorie labelling.

How does the takeaway sector support the UK economy?

Rapid growth in the takeaway sector has played an important role in the UK economy, supporting thousands of jobs and generating tax revenue, but will it continue at this level? Policy implications look to pose risks to the sector in the future, and as takeaway owners report increased struggle, what might the future hold…


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This article forms part of a research report conducted by Retail Economics and Just Eat.  It provides a snapshot of the valuable economic, social and cultural contribution made by the takeaway sector to the UK. It examines the entrepreneurial opportunity the sector presents, the huge steps takeaway restaurants have taken to respond to changing consumer appetites and the challenges posed by government regulation, which threatens to stifle a vibrant sector. The research was taken from a survey of 300 takeaway owners from across the UK (by Retail Economics and Prevision). Interviews took place between 10th July to the 24th July 2019. Data was also supplied by Just Eat.

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