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Delivering Satisfaction: How Shopper Missions Shape E-Commerce Delivery Priorities

Full report: Battling Basket Abandonment: Mastering Delivery Choice & Convenience

Delivering Satisfaction: How Shopper Missions Shape E-Commerce Delivery Priorities

This article is derived from our report 'Battling Basket Abandonment' in partnership with GFS, which highlights key opportunities for businesses in 2023 to adapt their delivery options to reduce basket abandonment during online shopping and what factors are most important to consumers.


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In the world of online retail, the shopping journey is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Shoppers come to e-commerce platforms with different missions in mind, and their expectations for delivery vary accordingly.

In this article, we explore five distinct shopper missions and their corresponding delivery priorities.



1. Impulse Shoppers: Seizing the Moment

Impulse shoppers are those who find themselves browsing for inspiration and stumble upon something they'd like to purchase. For this group, delivery cost takes centre stage. These shoppers prioritise saving money and maximising the value of their spontaneous purchases. A cost-effective delivery option is key to converting their impulse into a purchase.



2. Gifting Shoppers: Spreading Joy

Gifting shoppers are on a mission to find the perfect present for family, friends, or loved ones. Unlike impulse shoppers, they prioritise delivery reliability above all else. A staggering 43% of gifting shoppers consider it the most important factor. Their goal is to ensure that their carefully selected gifts arrive on time and in impeccable condition, avoiding any disappointment or frustration for the lucky recipient.



3. Top-Up Shoppers: Stocking Up with Strategy

Top-up shoppers are all about replenishing their supplies of products they regularly use or need to stock up on. This group strikes a balance between cost, convenience, and reliability. Delivery cost remains a priority for restocking necessities, but they also highly value delivery convenience and reliability. Ensuring their favourite items arrive promptly while keeping expenses in check is a top consideration for these shoppers.



4. Distress Shoppers: The Urgency of Now

Distress shoppers are in a hurry. They're shopping to replace a broken item or acquire something they urgently need. Speed is the name of the game for this mission. Distress shoppers prioritise delivery speed, often due to time-sensitive or emergency situations that require fast delivery. Meeting their urgent needs can be a game-changer in retaining these customers.



5. Considered Shoppers: Deliberate Decision-Makers

Considered shoppers are meticulous in their approach. They're on the hunt for a specific item but take their time to research and compare options before making a purchase. For them, delivery convenience and reliability are paramount. They want the peace of mind that their chosen item will arrive as expected, without any hiccups along the way. This group often invests in higher-value items, making their satisfaction critical to your business.



In conclusion, recognising the diverse missions of your online shoppers is key to tailoring your delivery strategy. Whether it's delivering cost savings, ensuring reliability, offering convenience, providing speed, or guaranteeing a smooth experience, understanding these distinct priorities can help you meet the varied needs of your customer base. By aligning your delivery options with these missions, you can enhance the overall shopping experience and drive customer loyalty.

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