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The Cost-of-Living Crisis and Impact on UK Retail


This presentation was delivered by Richard Lim (CEO, Retail Economics) as part of an industry event looking at the cost-of-living crisis and its impact on the UK retail industry. 


cost of living crisis impact on uk retail


It explores key macroeconomic factors driving the crisis and how consumer behaviour is changing as a result. The presentation looks at:

1) Inflation in the UK context, and its trajectory towards 2024

2) Inflationary trends regarding food, clothing & footwear, transport, recreation & culture, restaurants etc.

3) Freight costs

4) Mortgage rates

5) Household income & polarisation

6) Recessionary shopping behaviour

7) Consumer cut back personas

8) Retailer repositioning


"Successful companies will be those that strike a careful balance between using the right tone with their core customer base, while simultaneously reaching out to new cohorts who are ‘untethered’ and exploring new brands that might resonate with their values.


Sample slides in this presentation...

UK inflation trends to 2024 - retail economics


uk mortgage rates - retail economics


uk consumer behaviour cut back behviour


consumer groups cohorts cut back uk retail


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