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Retail & Macro Outlook for 2022

This presentation was delivered by Richard Lim, CEO, Retail Economics at a round table event early 2022.

It looks at the retail outlook for 2022 from a retailer and macro perspective, highlighting the key opportunites and threats facing the industry as we head further into 2022. Explore what's driving retail disruption and get a handle on what this might mean for your business.


Retail and Macro Outlook 2022


This presentation is a must for retailers, law firms, property companies, consultancies and other retail-related industry professionals who are keen to gain insight into the unfolding disruption for intelligently planning.

Types of themes, data and analysis touched upon include:

  • Covid-19 impacts by retail category
  • Supply chain pressures
  • Labour shortages
  • Consumer confidence
  • Inflation expectations
  • Online acceleration
  • Low footfall
  • Impact on profitability
  • Future trends to watch out for & more...


Presentation glimpse..

Retail and Macro Outlook 2022


Retail and Macro Outlook 2022


Retail and Macro Outlook


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