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Consumer behaviour shifts in 2022 and beyond

This presentation was delivered by Richard Lim, CEO, Retail Economics at a round table event in May 2022.

It looks at how consumer behaviour is shifting in light of tougher economic conditions with rising inflation and commodity prices, the accelerated shift towards online from Covid-19, and many other factors.


Consumer behaviour shifts in 2022 and beyond


The content, insights and analysis within this presentation are critial for retailers, brands and organisations feeding into the retail industry, to understand more about what is currently driving consumer sentiment and behaviour as living costs soar. 

Types of themes, data and analysis touched upon in this presentation include:

  • Online shift uneven across sectors
  • The consumer behavioural change mosaic
  • Work from home shift
  • Consumer confidence
  • Consumer Price Index
  • Inflation
  • Cost of commodities
  • Uneven impact on households
  • Consumer reactions & more...


Sample slides in this presentation...


Chart data showing the online retail shift is uneven


Consumer behaviour change


Chart data showing households planning to cut back spending


Chart graph showing the energy price over time


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