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Discussing Digital Transformation in Retail at IRX 2023

What were we doing at Autumn IRX 2023?


Retail Economics, in partnership with Alvarez & Marsal, embarked on an extensive thought leadership project encompassing more than 100 publicly traded companies. Our primary objective was to unveil the depth and extent of their digital transformation strategies to help industry players and to get the findings out there!


We delved into many financial performance indicators, which encompassed not only the conventional metrics like sales growth, profitability, and valuation but also encompassed a more nuanced understanding of how digital sophistication impacted these aspects.

The culmination of this research has unequivocally confrimed that businesses steadfast in their pursuit of digital transformation have not merely harvested the immediate benefits but have consistently enjoyed the fruits of their investments over time.

These firms, through their unwavering commitment to digital evolution, have achieved substantial financial rewards and fortified their competitive edge, thereby reinforcing the intrinsic connection between digital sophistication and enduring success in the evolving landscape of commerce.



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Here, Richard Lim (CEO Retail Economics) discusses the key pillars of digital systems integration and transformation within retail operations to improve efficiencies and experiences within the customer journey.


Retail Economics at IRX Richard Lim Digital Transformation

Retail Economics Richard Lim Digital Transformation



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