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UK Retail Economic Briefing Report summary

August 2023

Period covered: July 2023

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Economic activity

Quarterly GDP is estimated to have increased by xx% in Q2 2023 (Apr to June), following xx% growth in Q1 2023.

On a monthly basis, GDP rose xx% in June, following a fall of xx% in May and growth of xx% in April.

Services output rose by xx% in Q2 2023, the same as in Q1 2023 (xx%). On a monthly basis, Services rose xx% in June.



GfK’s Consumer Confidence Index increased five points in August to xx

The Major Purchase Index increased eight points to xx. This is 14 points higher than the same month a year ago.

Expectations for the general economic situation over the coming 12 months increased by three points to xx. This is 30 points higher than the same month a year ago.



Headline inflation eased again in July, rising by xx% YoY from xx% last month – a xx-month low but slightly ahead of economists’ expectations.

However, core inflation, excluding food and energy prices, was stickier, remaining unchanged at xx% for the second consecutive month, above economists' expectations of it dipping to xx%.


Credit and Housing Market

The latest data shows that the housing market continues to…


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Quarterly GDP is estimated to have increased by 0.2% in Q2 2023 (Apr to June).

Source: ONS

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