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UK Health & Beauty Sector Report summary

March 2022

Period covered: Period covered: 30 January – 26 February 2022

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Health & Beauty continued its recovery in February, rising by a stellar 00% YoY, against a 00% decline a year earlier, during the countries third national lockdown.

Sales remained ahead of pre-pandemic levels – up 00% on February 2020, improving on January’s performance.

Weak comps and more socialising boosts demand

The easing of Covid-19 restrictions during the month (e.g. end of working from home guidance, face coverings in public places and Covid-19 passports at events and hospitality) acted as a catalyst for consumers to venture out to physical locations.

Footfall rose 00% MoM, the sharpest monthly uplift since June 2021, according to Springboard. More socialising and a return to offices were supportive factors.

The Coffer-Peach Business Tracker reported a 6.7% rise in sales performance within pubs, bars and restaurants, on 2019 levels. The night time economy was said to have been boosted by the ending of Covid-19 passports.

Greater opportunities to socialise and a return to stores supported performance within the beauty segment. The opportunity to spend Valentine’s Day out of the home this year also boosted demand.

Whilst the health segment remained weak in comparison to the highs seen during the pandemic, greater mixing of people supported sales of items such as cold remedies. More time out of home also saw sales of razor blades (+00%) and deodorant (+00%) surge on last years levels. Toiletries were also popular.

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Source: ONS

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