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UK DIY & Gardening Sector Report summary

January 2024

Period covered: Period covered: 26 November - 30 December 2023

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DIY & Gardening Sales

DIY & Gardening sales fell by xx% YoY in December according to the Retail Economics Retail Sales Index (value, non-seasonally adjusted).

ONS data shows the wider Household Goods category faced xx% YoY shop price inflation in October, pointing to a decline in sales volumes.

Indeed, sales volumes in the Household Goods category fell xx% YoY in the month, according to the ONS.


Tough macro backdrop

DIY & Gardening was the xxxx xxxx performing sector on an annual basis in December after xxxx xxxx (xx%).

High living and borrowing costs, as well as the concentration of discretionary spending into hospitality and leisure, put downward pressure on sales volumes in the month.

Inflation increased to 4.0% YoY in December from 3.9% YoY in November, the first rise since February 2023. Nonetheless, inflation was among the lowest rates since September 2021.

Food inflation notably fell sharply from 9.1% in November to 8.0% in December, but remains up 26% in the two years to December 2023.

GfK’s measure of confidence remained stable but firmly negative as a result, increasing two points to -22 in December, while the major purchase index rose by just one point in December to -23.

Although the slight increase points to a more resilient and stable outlook on the economy, the figures are still firmly in negative territory.

Most households shied away from home improvements over the festive period as a result, choosing to spend on gifts and food for gatherings at home where possible.




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Source: RICS

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