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UK DIY & Gardening Sector Report summary

February 2022

Period covered: Period covered: 02 January – 29 January 2022

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DIY & Gardening Sales

DIY & Gardening sales rose 00% YoY in January, against a 00% rise a year ago.

January was the driest in 15 years. With the weather on their side, households were able to prune their gardens and focus on outdoor DIY projects more than normal at this time of the year.

Online Household Goods sales declined by 00% YoY in January against tough comparisons a year ago when sales rose by 00% during lockdown.

Home working drives online shift

Considerable lifestyles changes have become embedded since the pandemic, with more industries working from home now.

Retail Economics research shows that consumers that work from home are twice as likely to make a permanent shift online when shopping, compared to those that have not changed workplace practices.

Major DIY players are well positioned to take market share via online growth, as they leverage their scale, technology, and logistics platforms at the expense of smaller retailers.

Sector outlook

Consumer interest in home improvement is expected to wane as normality returns and spending diverts to other areas of the economy (e.g. holidays, leisure).

Factoring in a weaker housing market, supply issues and rising living costs, and the outlook for DIY & Gardening demand appears softer over the year ahead.

Retail Economics forecasts DIY & Gardening sales to fall 00% YoY, with total sales amounting to £00.

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As a result of Covid-19, what shopping did you shift online during the pandemic that you expect to become permanent?

Source: Retail Economics

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