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Retail Economics at TDC 2024

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Proud to be part of TDC2024  

It was great be part of The Delivery Conference 2024 and to be able to share the research for this year's Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark 2024 Report we conducted in partnership with Auctane. There were many fantastic speakers and insights being brought to light on the day.


Richard Lim Retail Economics

Retail Economics Auctane TDC2024

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About Retail Economics

We are an independent economics research consultancy that specializes in delivering cutting-edge retail insights and thought leadership focused on the consumer and retail industry.

We help you amplify your marketing efforts through various activity streams, spanning diverse industries, including retail, legal, tech, finance, and more.


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What you get when you work with us

What makes us great at what we do is our mix of expertise: (1) Industry research & analysis; (2) Public relations; and (3) Communications

You'll get an end-to-end service that helps you boost your brand awareness, showcase your skills, and generates quality leads. 



Auctane & Retail Economics: a case study

Retail Economics partnered with Auctane (for a third consecutive year) to produce their Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark 2024 Report which was released at TDC 2024.

What did we do?:

  1. Designed and conducted the research

  2. Produced the report

  3. Promoted TDC2024

  4. Featured the research on our website

  5. Promoted the project via LinkedIn channels

  6. Included insights from the research in our reports

  7. Created video content, infographics and audio for maximising campaign impact



How we maximise ROI 

As a client, we'll amplify your marketing efforts using three main streams: (1) report; (2) distribution; and (3) events. 



Our 5-step process


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Our CEO, Richard Lim hosted a presentation at 9:30am, the slides from this presentation can be found here


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