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Our UK Executive Report provides an indispensable one-page Executive Report ideal for senior management and meeting notes. It provides a succinct snap-shot of the need-to-know retail data for the month which includes a mix of the major economic indicators and retail metrics.

Executive Report - November 2016

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The secondary estimate for GDP in Q3 2016 was unchanged at 0.5 per cent q/q. The services industry was the only group to report growth in Q3, increasing by 0.8 per cent. Construction output decreased by 1.1 per cent, Agriculture decreased by 0.6 per cent and Production fell by 0.5 per cent.

Consumer spending rose 0.7 per cent in Q3 2016 (q/q) and was up 2.6 per cent y/y.

Households’ real disposable incomes rose by 0.6 per cent in Q2. The household savings ratio fell from 5.6 per cent in Q1 2016 to 5.1 per cent in Q2.

Consumer confidence showed a further weakness in November, slipping five points to -8.