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The Impact of the Coronavirus on the UK Retail and Leisure Industry

Insight on the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic within the retail & leisure sector

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Our COVID-19 Service


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Retail Economics conducts extensive research and analysis on the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the UK retail and leisure industry. Our service consists of frequent, timely analysis and updates in a variety of formats so you can absorb the information quickly in a way that best suits you.

Retailers (and retail related industries) integrate key findings and insights from our proprietary research into their response strategies to the COVID-19 crisis which enables them to make more informed – and timely – decisions which helps them manage the associated risks and to plan ahead.

This service incorporates many dynamic components and explores relevant issues in an adaptive manner, responding to real events as they unfold and as consumer behaviour evolves.

What you get

The Retail Economics COVID-19 Service comprises five main components:

1. Impact assessment reports for UK retail and leisure

These reports provide an in-depth analysis of the COVID-19 impact on the UK retail and leisure industry including consumer panel surveys, economics analysis, forecasts and other insights.

2. COVID-19 Quick Response

Get the latest updates from retailers and the wider industry on the impact of COVID-19 as an when it happens - delivered directly to your inbox.

3. Consumer panel research

For the critical duration, we conduct fortnightly surveys using a panel of over 2,000 households to measure: 1) Behavioural shifts 2) Confidence 3) Sentiment These extensive surveys have proved to be a very accurate indicator of future trading vulnerabilities for the industry.

4. Weekly newsletter

Every week we produce a summary of all the ‘need-to-know facts and stats’ related to the impact of coronavirus on the retail and leisure industry broken down by sector (e.g. clothing & footwear, food, home and more) and by channel.

5. Economic chartbook

Produced monthly, a summary of all the critical macroeconomic data and trends in an easily digestible chartbook format. Ideal for identifying trends.


This key service allows you to better assess the impact of the COVID-19 crisis across the UK retail and leisure industries which is essential to inform critical decisions in such challenging times. The service allows you to:
  • Keep abreast of the latest policy developments affecting the industry
  • Not miss out on what other businesses are doing and how they are reacting
  • Get an accurate gauge on consumer sentiment by sector and channel
  • Identify the opportunities from the myriad of challenges facing the industry
  • Spot various trends emerging with in the crisis as they unfold
  • React in a more informed manner to better scenario plan, mitigate risk and plan ahead effectively

Help answer key questions

Using proprietary research provides a deeper understanding of the key issues and questions, giving you quantitative answers to typical questions such as:
  • How is the COVID-19 affecting sector X compared to sector Y?
  • Where should I focus my resources to better manage the risks for this particular channel?
  • What level of threat do UK consumers think the coronavirus currently poses to health in the UK?
  • What type of actions are consumers taking to protect themselves from the coronavirus?
  • What types of products are consumers stockpiling?
  • How is the online channel behaving as a result of the coronavirus?


Due to the importance of understanding the impact of the coronavirus on UK retail and leisure, the service has purposely been made accessible to a wide (non-analytical) audience, but is essential for those operating in retail, legal, property, finance, marketing, media and providing retail solutions.

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