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UK Health & Beauty Sector Report summary

February 2022

Period covered: Period covered: 02 January – 29 January 2022

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Health & Beauty sales grew by a punchy 00% in January, against a dismal 00% decline a year earlier, when the country entered its third period of lockdown.

Sales remained above pre-pandemic levels – up 00% on January 2020, but slowed on last month.

A year ago, the closure of stores and hospitality venues took its toll on the category. Rising case numbers saw anxiety levels reach their highest level since the start of the pandemic. With the opportunity to socialise removed once more, sales growth suffered, particularly in the Beauty segment.

This year, coronavirus concerns are less with the government taking a lighter touched approach to restrictions with the Omicron variant being less virulent. In the first half of the month, higher covid case numbers drove demand for health products with typical winter medicines in demand.

The easing of coronavirus restrictions later on in January, and the end to self-imposed shielding over the festive period, saw consumers venture out. Footfall growth was notably stronger in the second half of the month. This supported growth within the Beauty segment as more socialising took place.

The transference of spend to stores had a notable impact on online performance with beauty categories recorded sharp declines YoY. Granted these results would have been impacted by distortions a year ago.

Despite the Health and Beauty category having the lowest level of online penetration compared with other non-food categories, there has been a marked shift towards digital compared to pre-pandemic levels.

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Cost of living crisis likely to impact demand in coming months

Source: ONS

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