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UK Retail Economic Briefing

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Retail Economics produce a number of monthly economic reports which draw upon a range of data sources to bring in-depth and insightful analysis of the UK retail sector.

The retail sector's importance to the overall economy is undeniable. It contributes 5% of UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employs around three million people and occupies over 280,000 physical outlets. Total turnover in 2014 was almost £340 billion – 20% of nominal GDP – with online retail sales growing to almost £35 billion.

This report provides a broad overview of the UK economy, focusing on the macroeconomic factors important in determining the strength of the retail sector. In-depth analysis is provided to keep you informed of the latest movements in the UK economy, vital in forming a view of the strength and trajectory of the UK retail sector.

A range of economic sources are covered in this report to provide you with a comprehensive overview.

Data sources in this report include:
- ONS Gross Domestic Product
- ONS Consumer Price Index
- ONS Labour Market Statistics
- ONS Consumer Spending
- ONS Household Savings Ratio
- ONS Retail Sales Index
- ONS Online Retail Sales
- Nationwide House price data
- ONS Consumer Price Index
- BRC-Nielsen Shop Price Index
- Credit data
- Household debt data
- Average Earnings Growth
- GfK Consumer Confidence
- BRC-KPMG Retail Sales Monitor
- CBI Distributive Trade Survey

The report also includes a number of charts, graphs and tables to support commentary and add context to underlying macroeconomic trends.

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