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UK Retail Stats and Facts : Impact of Covid-19

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Top 10 facts & stats about the impact of Covid-19 on the UK retail industry

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1 Online sales in Jan 2021 as a proportion of total UK retail sales during the third national lockdown 36.3%
2 Proportion of shoppers who bought products online for first time that they only previously bought in-store
3 Amount UK GDP declined in 2020 since worst annual decline during The Great Frost in 1709
4 Job vacancies decline (year-on-year) within the UK retail sector at the end of 2020 47%
5 Total value of online UK retail sales in 2020 £99bn
6 Amount of excess household savings in UK due to Covid-19 impact
7 Online sales as a proportion of total UK retail sales in 2020 (from19%, 2019) 28%
8 Proportion of consumers' suggesting shopping habits changing permanently (more than work, travel and communicating) from crisis
9 Proportion of vacant high street shops at the end of 2020 13.7%
10 Year-on-year decline in non-food store based sales in 2020 as lockdown forces shoppers online
Source: Retail Economics, ONS, LDC, Bank of England

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