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Brexit - 10 Weeks On

September 2016

It is just over 10 weeks since the UK voted to leave the EU and official data on the state of the economy remains sparse.

Nevertheless growth figures have been slashed by major economic institutions such as the Bank of England and inflation forecasts have been raised. Indeed we believe that the economy is likely to stutter to a halt in the second half of 2016 while inflation could hit 3 by the middle of next year.

However mixed signals from surveys and official data would suggest that both businesses and consumers are undecided on the impact of Brexit.

Download our Brexit - 10 Weeks On presentation for our review of what we know so far in terms of consumers and business plus our outlook for consumer spending.

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What does Brexit mean for the economy and the UK retail industry

July 2016

The result of the EU Referendum is clear. The implications that this will have on consumer spending households disposable incomes savings confidence and the wider retail industry are not. Uncertainty over speed breadth and magnitude of these changes are likely to weigh on our economic prospects and those of UK households for some time.

The focus on economic data and analysis has never been more important. In a period of heightened uncertainty it will be critical for businesses to understand how the rapidly changing macroeconomic environment affects the retail industry as the repercussions of Brexit unfold.

In the short-run households disposable incomes are unlikely to change significantly. It will take time for the knock-on effects of the vote to work their way through to the real economy in terms of jobs higher inflation and lower economic output. Nevertheless we expect elevated levels of uncertainty to lead to a sharp fall in consumer confidence which will trigger higher levels of saving as consumers rein in their spending.

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Outlook For Retail 2016

January 2016

Our Outlook for Retail 2016 presentation provides an overview of the key indicators that will impact retail performance in the coming year.

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UK Retail Sector: Outlook for Christmas 2015

November 2015

Households have not had it better in over a decade. Underlying momentum has gathered pace over 2015 with strong fundamentals underpinning consumer spending growth as we approach Christmas.

The combination of low levels of inflation strong real wage growth a robust labour market and continued record low interest rates has boosted spending power across UK households. Consumers are feeling their most confident in over 10 years which has supported additional spending and renewed their appetite to borrow.

However retailers have not been the main benefactors to this renewed wave of optimism. Consumer spending growth has outpaced retail sales growth for three consecutive quarters the first time in over 10 years.

View our interactive presentation to see our thoughts on whether we think Christmas 2015 will be one to remember.

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Interactive Overview of the UK Retail Sector

June 2015

There is no doubt that the UK retail sector has turned a corner over the last two years. The long road to recovery since the global financial crisis is well underway.

This interactive story gives a glimpse of how far we have come and provides a succinct snap-shot of the key economic indicators which are vital to the retail sector in the UK.

Glance through the slides to visualise data including GDP, inflation, UK labour market, retail sales, consumer spending and much more.

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Outlook for the retail sector in 2015

January 2015

The outlook for retail spending in 2015 looks set to improve with the combination of low inflation reviving growth in earnings and resilience in the labour market ensuring that households real disposable incomes improve over the course of the year.

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The UK Retail Economy

September 2014

This presentation provides an overview of the UK retail economy.

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