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Tesco is the largest retailer in the UK. It sells predominately food but also a range of non-food items including clothing and footwear, electricals, DIY and Gardening, homewares and furniture and flooring.

Tesco is under considerable pressure in the UK with significant structural change occurring in the market. Increasing competition from the discounters (Aldi and Lidl), consumer’s drive for convenience and online driving a new retail economics is changing the grocery landscape in the UK.

Tesco has released their worst results in their history. The strategy is about getting back to basics and focussing on their core business – Food in the UK. The recent sale of Blinkbox reinforces the renewed strategy away from digital and back to the basics.


UK Retail Sales

UK Retail Sales

Feb 2018
Retail Economics Retail Sales Index:  2.2%
ONS Retail Sales Index Value (NSA):  3.4%

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UK Retail Inflation

UK Retail Inflation

Feb 2018
Consumer Price Index:  2.7%
Retail Price Index:  3.6%

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UK Consumer

UK Consumer

Q4 2017
GDP Q-on-Q:  0.4%
Consumer Spending Q-on-Q:  0.3%

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