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The Cooperative is a grocery retailer specialising in convenience.

The Co-op has benefited from its extensive store presence throughout the UK. It’s strategic focus is on fair trade, ethical and environmentally friendly produce has meant The Co-op has gained a reputation as a responsible retailer.

The retailer will continue to invest in store expansion in smaller formats which cutting back on larger supermarkets.

Private label continues to be a core focus for the company.


UK Retail Sales

UK Retail Sales

Feb 2018
Retail Economics Retail Sales Index:  2.2%
ONS Retail Sales Index Value (NSA):  3.4%

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UK Retail Inflation

UK Retail Inflation

Feb 2018
Consumer Price Index:  2.7%
Retail Price Index:  3.6%

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UK Consumer

UK Consumer

Q4 2017
GDP Q-on-Q:  0.4%
Consumer Spending Q-on-Q:  0.3%

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