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Kingfisher plc (B&Q subsidiary) is a global home improvement retailer, operating through a network of retail stores. The company operates in over nine countries across Europe and Asia, including the UK, France, Poland, Italy, Turkey and China. Kingfisher is headquartered in London and employs about 71,000 people.

B&Q is the UK’s largest DIY retailer operating out of around 325 outlets most of which are located in out-of-town and retail parks.  These are an assortment of large, medium and small formats catering for everyday consumers and trade professionals offering a range of repair and maintenance products. It also runs a successful online and trade counter operation in Screwfix which has close to 150 stores.


Management Structure



Jan-10 Jan-09 Jan-08 Jan-07 Jan-06
Net Sales or Revenues 10,503.0 10,026.0 9,050.0 9,364.0 8,675.9
Growth 4.76% 10.78% 7.93% 7.93% 8.31%
Cost of Goods Sold 6,480.0 6,273.0 5,715.0 5,895.0 5,449.9
% of Sales 61.70% 62.57% 63.15% 62.95% 62.82%
Gross Profit 3,763.0 3,488.0 3,109.0 3,235.0 3,019.0
Gross Margin 35.83% 34.79% 34.35% 34.55% 34.80%
Selling, General & Admin Expenses 3,214.0 3,035.0 2,702.0 2,794.0 2,595.6
% of Sales 30.60% 30.27% 29.86% 29.84% 29.92%
EBITDA 870.0 447.0 678.0 710.0 720.9
EBITDA Margin 8.28% 4.46% 7.49% 7.58% 8.31%


Kingfisher is positioned as the leading DIY retailer in Europe and also the third largest in the world.  The company has an impressive international footprint operating in nine countries in over 780 stores.  Its brands include B&Q, Castorama, Brico Depot and Screwfix which have developed a strong brand identity.

Kingfisher’s strategy is to develop its brand internationally increasing its exposure to emerging markets where consumer spending has grown considerably in recent years.  The company’s portfolio is widespread operating 462 stores in the UK; 196 in France, 14 in Spain and 9 in Ireland, among other countries.

International sales now account for over 50% of net sales.  International expansion remains the primary strategy for long-term sustainable growth.

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