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Morrisons is the fourth largest supermarket in the UK selling a range of food and non-food products. Morrisons has only recently started offering online grocery delivery and has a relatively small convenience offering compared with the other major supermarket brands.

After losing market share throughout 2014-15, Dalton Phillips left the business handing over to David Potts.

Morrisons mission is to restore the value offer, focusing on fresh food and winning back customers and boosting average spend.

The company will also look to improve the online offer and increase deliveries further afield.


UK Retail Sales

UK Retail Sales

May 2017
Retail Economics Retail Sales Index:  0.7%
ONS Retail Sales Index Value (NSA):  3.3%

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UK Retail Inflation

UK Retail Inflation

May 2017
Consumer Price Index:  2.9%
Retail Price Index:  3.7%

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UK Consumer

UK Consumer

Q1 2017
GDP Q-on-Q:  0.2%
Consumer Spending Q-on-Q:  0.4%

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