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Now that Walgreens’ acquisition of Boots is complete, strategies will emerge to utilise and develop the global platform.

Boots will continue to utilise the Advantage Card customer data to improve omni-channel capability and enhance the online shopping experience.

Boots’ private label continues to be a key strength and of growing importance to its core strategy.

International growth is also a priority.


UK Retail Sales

UK Retail Sales

May 2017
Retail Economics Retail Sales Index:  0.7%
ONS Retail Sales Index Value (NSA):  3.3%

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UK Retail Inflation

UK Retail Inflation

May 2017
Consumer Price Index:  2.9%
Retail Price Index:  3.7%

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UK Consumer

UK Consumer

Q1 2017
GDP Q-on-Q:  0.2%
Consumer Spending Q-on-Q:  0.4%

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